Health and Fitness

Looking good on the inside reflects just as much as the outside. Good health and the right lifestyle is essential for anyone working in the fashion industry.

Catwalk Techniques

Presence, poise and power is what a great walk should convey.

Business Awareness

Modelling is business and knowing the essentials about becoming a self employed will make students aware of their responsibilities and obligations.

Hair & Beauty

Knowing how to adapt and make the most of your appearance to suit the needs of client is what top models do to keep themselves in work.

Acting & Presentation Techniques

Modelling is so much more than just posing in front of camera.

Photographic Techniques

Understanding techniques both in front and behind the lens will enable students to plan and produce a photographic portfolio.

Introduction to the Modelling Industry

A real insight into the life as professional model. Knowing your "Look Books" from your "go sees"